this is an ordinary story. about combined elements that perfectly blend together and create a unique and flawless unity. about the deepest thoughts and dreams. and also their imperceptible realization. a story of passion, pure enthusiasm and above all ___faith. in yourself, your family and what you do. in what you stand for and what you are ready to fall for. for endless hours in studio, worked up hands and eyelids that have seen the darkest night hours.

we are not one, but two individuals who embody a unique force that drives the other. something mystic that complements us till absolute entirety. and we are fully taken over by this unity and rhythm. together we are not afraid to strive for the highest peak.

we ___Terēze and Roberts. we ___RO STUDIO.

your jewelry is made through Roberts’ hands and imagination. it is his knowledge and years of honed craftsmanship. he is a professional with invaluable skills and enviably high work capacity. sometimes it may seem like he is moving at lightning speed. and it all is done with no sign of doubt or difficulty. an absolute and monumental peace. you can easily get lost in his work and just admire his abilities. how many thoughts, dreams and yet worries this one person carries. you can only imagine how he sees, how he feels and understands this world. but most of all ___how he creates in it. Roberts is the beating heart of RO STUDIO, the strong arms and the foundation of our dream next to which, proudly stands Terēze.  believe it, she has eye for the smallest detail and she is able to highlight and flourish even the stone covered with dust ___she will lift and nurse it, breathe life into it, thus it can be proudly placed next to the diamond and even outshine it. Roberts would say, ‘I make jewelry, Terēze is the orchestra of everything else.’ graphic and visual identity, photography, content, communication and sales. it is all her. although fragile, she is unbreakable and extremely precise in her vision of quality. she firmly stands for high standards. Terēze is the soul, spirit and breath of RO STUDIO.

together we are RO STUDIO. a strong unity, where without one there is no other. we are two individual elements that, when merged together, are able to create and give. we can simply be. entirely ourselves, entirely true. it is an insurmountable faith and devotion to the vision that flows in our blood. how mysterious and yet vivid is the nature of us ___the founders of RO STUDIO, so sensual and yet powerful is the jewelry we create.

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