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Baiba Dzenīte is an established glass artist, designer and founder of the brand BAIBA GLASS. her home decor collections CALM, CELESTIAL and COELUS are designed in the style of Classic Minimalism.

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she has specialized in hot glass techniques and glass tinting that can be described as ‘paintings in the glass’. her collections represent a range of mouth blown, hot poured and hand shaped glass pieces that are made in a unique way by the use of traditional and innovative materials.
 her art is mostly inspired by Nature and its phenomena – fog and dew. at times it is the synthesis of Nature’s impressions that form artistic expressions of Baiba’s inner feelings. the mysterious phenomena of Nature and hidden beauty of our body and mind creates significant visual codes of faraway Galaxies covered with layers of clear glass.

experience | passion
Baiba has graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia with masters degree in Glass Art and throughout the years she has developed her own unique author’s techniques of working with glass. her art has always been innovative and she has applied those techniques to expand the range of BAIBA GLASS’s collections and various series of collectable glass art objects. one such technique is the use of Antique Latvian linen-craft tool which is employed to achieve a unique relief imprint and has become a distinguishable signature sign of Collection CALM. the employment of this artefact in the creation of Collection C A L M invokes one to reflect on timeless relationship between Nature’s phenomena and ancient Latvian linen – craft tradition which is expressed in Contemporary Glass Art trough symbolic ‘imprint of time’.

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in the RO STUDIO concept store you will find unprecedented and absolutely unique artwork. so __come and say hi!


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